In 2002, the Genév Kft. was established from a group of electrical contractors in order to satisfy the current needs of electricity services.

The ever increasing demand for building and repairing type of works being concomitant of the successfully implemented building electricity works triggered a shift in the company's profile – namely the expansion of the services it provides –, which finally led the company to gradually adopt a construction oriented image. Due to its dynamic development, our company is now ready to fulfil all the complex duties of the construction industry to an extent that might be expected from a medium sized enterprise.

Our company has committed itself to the utilization of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system. We have introduced this system into our practices, and use it successfully and in accordance with the regulations of the standard.

The level of its adequacy is documented in the certificate no. 347 of QMS.

The majority of the undertaken work is carried out by the company's own workforce, while a great deal of tasks requiring specialist knowledge and skills or technology is performed with the involvement of a well-organized partner network, but always under the coordination of the Genév Kft. We usually get engaged in projects as a main contractor, but in some cases we act as an assistant or subcontractor in the implementation process of investments depending on our free capacity.

As far as our undertaken projects are concerned, they are always carried out under the control of our management and with the help of our experts. In case of rather larger scale projects requiring highly specialist knowledge, we turn to qualified subcontractors for help.

Our company is in continuous rapport with a wide range of suppliers. Our key suppliers are all qualified suppliers. The permanent relation that we have established and our mutually flexible attitude are what make sure we get an adequately continuous supply of materials – even if a project requires an emergency solution –, which highly contributes to the successful completion of our undertakings.

Besides main contracting in the field of construction, our company is still ready to deal with professional challenges the accomplishment of which has now for long belonged to our areas of expertise. 

We put a great emphasis on making use of all our experiences previously gained in the field of installing, repairing and renovating electricity and telecommunication networks.

As an inherent part of these services, we are nonetheless ready to perform measurements on contact safety or on safety against the effects of lightning along with the installations or repairs they require.

When undertaking and performing projects, we always go out of our way to live up to our clients' expectations.

Taking our partners' needs and circumstances into consideration, we always carry out the assigned construction or repair work using the materials our partner have asked, while – if needed – letting the building under reconstruction continuously at their disposal, thus causing no halt or doing no damage to their production.

The composition of our company's workforce

Due to our partner network, we are always able to tailor the number and composition of our stuff to match the particularities of the project that needs to be completed at the time.

Engineers...............7 pers.
Technicians.............2 pers.
Skilled workers...........30 pers.
Unskilled workers...........10 pers.